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Transform Your Skin with Our Fire and Ice Facial

Ignite your senses with our invigorating Fire and Ice Facial at Pristine Spas, a unique treatment designed to resurface, rejuvenate, and refresh your complexion. Our skilled estheticians begin with the "fire" - a warming, enzyme-rich mask that gently exfoliates and stimulates circulation. As the heat subsides, we introduce the "ice" - a cooling, soothing mask packed with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera to deeply hydrate and calm the skin. This dynamic duo works in harmony to minimize fine lines, reduce inflammation, and improve your skin's texture and tone. Experience the transformative power of the Fire and Ice Facial at Pristine Spas - book your appointment today and awaken your skin's true radiance.

Why get a facial?

Facials are designed to cleanse deeply, exfoliate and hydrate—in the process, during any spa facial, you are helping to bring back the radiance and youthful glow of your complexion. Our lifestyles, the elements, dirt, debris, sun, and bacteria can all wear skin down, causing it to lose its brightness and vibrance; getting a facial helps take away the effects of all of this while making your skin lustrous again.

So what precisely are a fire and ice facial?

And why should you consider getting one? On the cellular level, skin cells get damaged. They need to be rejuvenated for us to experience optimal skin health. Getting a facial, particularly a fire and ice facial, can significantly help this rejuvenation process, thereby allowing the body to create new, fresh skin tissue.

A fire and ice facials are designed to deeply exfoliate the skin, thereby helping with skin tone and texture and managing the appearance of fine lines and reducing the look of blemishes. To put it simply, a fire and ice facial is ideal for expediting cell renewal and thus giving your skin back its natural glow! It is perfectly safe and excellent for just about any skin type.

How does a Fire and Ice facial work?

The key with this facial is the masks used. Primarily, the aesthetician will apply a mask intended to smooth out the skin by using heat—hence the “fire” part of the name. During this process, the heat involved allows for a resurfacing of the skin. The mask contains, among other ingredients, glycolic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, retinol, and powerful antioxidants. When applied, the heating effect helps spur blood circulation, which also contributes to a faster healing process as far as acne blemishes and inflammation/irritation are concerned.

The second mask offers a cooling component. With this mask, the cooling effect, in essence, serves to hydrate the skin. Hydration is so critical to helping skin maintain its youthful glow. This cold mask contains hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and various extracts that also aid with the hydrating process.

The heat and cold are combined in this fire and ice facial to get optimal results. Skin cell production is enhanced, and an overall rejuvenation process begins. Many who have had a fire and ice facial highly recommend it for various reasons—from reducing the look of fine lines to helping with acne. A fire and ice facial is exceptionally safe, and there is zero downtime; this means you can resume work or normal activities immediately following your treatment. You will feel more confident and look amazing once it is done.

How to prepare for your Fire and Ice facial?

There isn’t much preparation required before your fire and ice facial. Many experts recommend that you stop using skincare products 2-3 days before your treatment. You also want to avoid waxing or any laser treatment in the area two days before the facial. Additionally, it is vital that you consult with the aesthetician regarding any skin concerns, conditions, or health conditions that you may have that could pose an issue. If you are worried about anything related to potential health issues you might be experiencing, it is advised to consult with your doctor before you have any such treatment.

What happens during the Fire and Ice treatment?

You can expect the fire and ice facial to take about an hour to complete. There is first a cleansing process that takes place. In this way, the aesthetician prepares the skin’s surface to absorb the various components of the fire and a nice facial. There will also be an exfoliation to help clean out the pores and remove any clogs or debris.

At that point, a resurfacing mask will be applied—again, this is considered the heat portion of the fire and nice facial. Generally, this will stay on for about five minutes. During this phase, you may feel a warm/tingly sensation. After the heat mask portion, the skin will be cleansed again, and then the cooling mask will be applied. This is the rejuvenating mask. With this mask, frozen cooling globes may be used to massage the area where the cold is being applied. Remember, this part of the facial is about hydrating the skin and locking in that hydration. You may experience an icy sensation on your skin at this time.

Again, there is no downtime required following the process—you can go back to work or resume whatever activities you like. So unlike some peels that you may get at a salon or spa, there is no redness or irritation. The great thing is your skin will immediately feel tighter and look much smoother.

Who can have the Fire and Ice facial?

The Fire and Ice Facial treatment is composed of all-natural ingredients—this makes it incredibly safe on your skin. This facial is fine for pretty much any skin type—even sensitive skin. That said, before any facial treatment, you do want to consult with the aesthetician so that they can assess your skin type and ascertain whether any products are being used that could potentially cause an issue.

As far as side effects, there aren’t any. You just experience a hydrating boost, and a deep cleansing treatment that makes your skin look incredible. The key to this facial’s success is that there is both a resurfacing component and a rejuvenating one meant to boost hydration. The fire and ice facial has become so popular that numerous celebrities rely on its effects to make them look flawless before a big event. Isn’t it time you pampered your skin!