Why Get a Spa Membership?

With the popularity of spas stronger than ever, more and more clients are looking into getting a spa membership. You might be wondering what exactly the benefits of having a spa membership are. Why not just book a service when you want one and not worry about a monthly membership? And indeed, this is an excellent way to go, but if you stop and think about it, you might be surprised at how much sense it makes to purchase a spa membership.

Benefits of Visiting a Spa Regularly

Before we dive into the actual membership benefits as far as spa services and discounts, let’s for a moment discuss why spas are so incredibly beneficial to your health and well-being. There’s a reason why in 2020, there were just under 125 million spa visits. That’s a pretty significant number. But when you think about how critical self-care is, that number makes sense. Why do people go to spas; what do they get from experience:

Relaxation. This is perhaps the number one benefit of a spa visit. Think about how hectic life can get, how trying at times. Just look at what we've gone through in 2020 and beyond. Having time to slip away from the busyness of life and enjoy a soothing massage or facial, for example, really can have a significant impact on not just your body but on your attitude as well.

Right behind the benefit of relaxation is relief from muscle aches and pains.This, without question, is a huge benefit of visiting a spa. Well-trained massage therapists understand how to treat sore and tense areas. They know how to massage muscles to unknot them and ultimately get them to feel far less painful and less stiff.

Mental adjustment. Life can get stressful—this goes without saying. Yes, visiting a spa and getting a hot stone massage or facial, for example, can be relaxing, which is precisely what you’re after. But such treatments and your spa visit, in general, can also help elevate your mood and shift your mindset. And this is extremely important when it comes to self-care.

The health benefits associated with spa visits are almost too many to mention.

Ease of symptoms from chronic conditions. People suffering from migraines, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, post-surgical issues, among other conditions, will often undergo regular spa treatments to alleviate the symptoms associated with their pain. You should consult with your physician first if you have questions regarding any spa treatment.

A spa visit and the treatments you receive are highly beneficial to your overall health and well-being.

So, the question is…why get a monthly membership to a spa, and what benefits might this have precisely?

Pristine Spas: Membership Advantages

As the saying goes, membership does have its privileges. At Pristine Spas, our memberships come with specific discounts and extras that will help you feel relaxed, less stressed, and just healthier in general. And when you do opt to sign up for a spa membership, you will quickly see how good such advantages can be.

Below are the benefits that you receive when signing up for a Pristine Spas membership:

A one-hour Swedish Massage or Signature Facial per month; this in and of itself (notwithstanding the other membership benefits) is worth the cost. Clients receive a 60-minute massage or facial every month. Some months you may want a therapist to work on those tight and knotted muscles, while during others, you want to focus on skincare and to rejuvenate your complexion—the choice is yours; either way, it’s a win-win.

The great thing about Pristine Spas is that we offer so many treatment options and luxurious menu selections that our clients get excited about trying them all. With a spa membership and discounted pricing on so many services, you can try more!-

Discounts on additional services.

  • Free Enhancements on your Birthday! Everyone loves to be pampered on their birthday. It’s your birthday, after all, a time to celebrate and spoil yourself a bit—or, let us do the spoiling for you when you become a spa member.
  • Rollover any new massage/facial benefit. So let’s say there’s one month where you happen to be traveling and can’t find the time to take advantage of your Swedish massage, no problem; you don’t lose it, you get to enjoy that massage when you have the time.

Monthly Massages and Facials…What Could Be Better?

Just think of what it would be like to have a massage every month or pamper your skin and luxuriate in a monthly facial. Most of our clients who become spa members can’t believe they waited so long. It is all about making time for yourself and understanding that self-care is essential to a healthy and less stressful life.

We are all pulled in so many directions all the time. When you sign up for a spa membership, you are, in essence, “forcing” yourself to do something highly beneficial for your body, mind, and spirit. That’s the thing, visiting a spa is great for your body, of course, as those facials and other body treatments take years off of your skin. You get to rest and relax and let your mind roam where it wants to for an hour or two. And just as important, that a spa visit is also good for your soul.

Whether a Swedish Massage is your favorite or you can’t wait to have those regular Signature Facials, our spa membership package is trendy and highly beneficial. Feel free to talk to our welcoming and friendly staff so that you can understand the relaxing and ultra-calming experience that we offer our clients!

Come in today and see what Pristine Spas is all about.