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Rejuvenate and replenish your complexion with Pristine Spas facial services

Discover the ultimate oasis for your skin at Pristine Spas, where our revitalizing facial services promise to rejuvenate and replenish your complexion. Our highly trained estheticians harness the power of nature, using organic and nourishing ingredients to gently cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin. Indulge in our serene ambiance as soothing aromas and ambient melodies transport you to a world of relaxation. At Pristine Spas, we take pride in personalizing each facial experience, ensuring your unique skin care needs are met with exceptional results. Embrace the gift of glowing skin and tranquility - your sanctuary of radiance awaits at Pristine Spas.

What does a facial do?

While there are a plethora of facial treatments that may help alleviate and resolve different types of skin problems, the premise around a facial remains the same. Facials are:

  • A multi-step treatment consisting of steam to open pores.
  • Cleansing.
  • Exfoliating the skin.
  • Applying different creams and moisturizers to help the skin heal.

A trained and licensed esthetician will study the skin to reveal problems that may be occurring and suggest treatments based on every individual client's needs. Some facials provide hydration, and others will firm and restore the skin on your face. All facial treatments offer significant benefits to the skin.

Facials are the equivalent of going to the dentist for routine cleaning. You can brush your teeth at home, but you're not going to be able to do a deep cleaning on your own. Facials will also benefit the client with anti-aging properties, while being incredibly relaxing and providing much-needed rejuvenation for more precise, softer, and more beautiful skin.

How much does a facial cost?

As with most specialized services, the cost of facials can vary quite a bit ranging from the type of facial needed, the location of where the service is being performed, and so on. On average, a facial can go from $50.00 to $200.00. Although we don't understand why some people would pay in the 1000's dollars for a facial, there are "special" facials on cruise ships and other locations that can range into the $5,000 realm.

At Pristine Spas, our facials start at the low end of the cost spectrum, and we offer membership plans to make facials more affordable and easier to access for everyone. We don't believe that skincare should be only available to wealthier people.

Is it worth doing a facial?

Facials are essential to the well-being of your skin. Every day people are exposed to toxins in the air, chemicals around the house, and the constant touching of your face, to name a few. Being outdoors is terrible for your skin, whether it's due to too much sun, wind, or air pollution. Everyone's skin behaves differently based on their environment, the food they consume, and other factors. Skin's reaction to the environment will throw off the skin's natural ecosystem and cause issues like acne, wrinkles, oily or dry skin.

Facials can help relieve and clear up your skin and improve blood circulation, which will get more of your body's nutrients and oxygen to your skin. Just like your brain and heart perform better with plentiful oxygen and nutrients, so does your skin.

Facials can also aid in relaxation and stress removal, all the while improving your confidence due to making your skin clearer, younger, and overall more beautiful.

What are the different types of facials?

At Pristine Spas, we offer a wide range of facials, but we always start with a thorough skin examination to identify problem areas first. Facials can range from classic facials meant to maintain a youthful look and provide that all too important blood circulation to facials explicitly designed to reduce skin problems such as deep pore cleansing, blackhead removal, LED light therapy, and facials designed specifically for what men put their skin through by shaving, working in harsh environments, etc.

Every facial at Pristine Spas is accompanied by a face, neck, and shoulder massage so that they are all relaxing.

What are the disadvantages of facials?

Depending on the facial required for your skin, there are some slight disadvantages to receiving them. Classic facials designed for upkeep and maintenance don't have many side effects. Some facials will require that you stay out of direct sunlight for a few hours after the procedure.

Redness and irritation can occur with some facial procedures but usually subside very quickly after being performed. There are facials like micro-needling that cause bleeding of the skin, which brings the highly needed blood to the surface, these vampire facials can have serious side effects if the esthetician is not correctly trained, and due to blood being drawn out of the body, serious precaution must be taken by the esthetician performing the service, which is why it's a medical grade facial and requires medical licensing.

At Pristine Spas, only the best of the best estheticians are chosen to become team members. Estheticians must be licensed and have a minimum of 3 years of experience to join Pristine Spas. Estheticians are subject to ongoing training and must follow strict cleanliness procedures to ensure our clients' utmost safety and confidence.

Do facials remove blackheads?

The most efficient way to deal with blackheads is by having a regularly scheduled facial routine. Having a monthly facial will keep blackheads from forming in the first place and ultimately be less expensive than having to have a facial precisely to remove blackheads. However, there are blackhead removal facials available, and technology has helped make it less painful than in the past.

Typically, less advanced blackhead removal facials will consist of an esthetician steaming your face to open the pores and make the blackheads easier to remove. The esthetician then begins the removal process by either using their fingers and nails or an extraction tool.

More sophisticated facials can use enzymes and scrubs to dissolve the blackheads after the pores have been opened, and a mask will remove the dissolved blackhead. Ultrasonic deep pore cleansing uses a particular machine to push streams of water into the skin while vibrating at extremely high speeds, which hydrate the skin and shake loose any dirt or blackheads lodged in the skin.

At Pristine Spas, we offer various blackhead removal facials to coincide with any other issues that need to be addressed.