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What is a Medical Spa?

Medical Spas also referred to as a medspa, is a combination of a typical spa experience that includes relaxation services and a provider of services and procedures that require the expertise usually found at a Doctor's office. A medical doctor is in charge of overseeing the treatments that fall under the medspa category. At Pristine Spas, we have a licensed medical surgeon, a cosmetic surgeon, and a physician's assistant as part of our med spa program.

Medical Spas are required more stringent licensing, training, and sanitary standards than an average spa due to the level of safety necessary for the procedures that fall under the medical spa category.

Because Pristine Spas are licensed as a Medical Spa, we include the same level of training, safety, and cleanliness for all of our services, whether considered medical or not.

Difference between a day spa and a medical spa.

Pristine Spas are both a Day Spa and a Medical Spa but don't be confused because Day Spas and Medical Spas are different. Medically aesthetic treatments performed by a medical spa aren't the same as the fruit enzyme peels and massages of traditional day spas. Day spas are meant more for relaxation and minor problems, maintenance, and overall well being. Medical spas and clinics have more intense treatments which offer more noticeable results in a shorter period.

Aesthetic medicine is a combination of all procedures in the aesthetics category, which aren't surgical procedures. Aesthetic medicine includes laser hair removal, acne treatments, injections, and fillers such as Juvederm and botox.

Day spas offer treatments to maintain and or improve skin and overall well being. Medical Spas are the next step where more specialized treatments are required, but before going under a knife for surgical procedures.

The cost of medical spa procedures.

While the cost associated with medical spa procedures will be higher because the services are overseen and performed by licensed medical professionals, prices will vary greatly depending on the services being performed. As with all treatments, Pristine Spas recommends a free consultation to accurately examine and determine the treatments needed and the cost of those treatments.

For example, one sitting to receive botox will not be that expensive, but if you are a person who requires it every four months vs. a person who will need it every eight months, there will be a price difference.

How to find a quality Medical Spa

you requires research. You will want to start by finding out how long a medical spa has been operating; look at their website (high-quality spas, have high-quality websites). Research the medical spa on Google and look for reviews; the more reviews, the more procedures that have been carried out, and the more positive reviews, the better the experience. Once you have made an appointment for a consultation and arrive at the spa, look at the front desk service providers. Are they happy, do they enjoy working there? The employees at any company and their demeanor can tell you a lot about the spa itself. Employees who are used to putting out fires and dealing with unhappy clientele will not be happy themselves; employees who get positive feedback from their customers will project that satisfaction to other guests

Don't be afraid to ask to be shown the proper licensing and ask questions. Look around, is the spa clean and orderly. Many easy-to-spot signs can help you determine whether the spa is of the highest quality or not.