Body Sculpting, Ultherapy and Thermage Treatments

If you've recently experienced sudden weight-loss for any reason, you may find that while the fat is gone, the loose skin is still there. Our body sculpting services target, tighten and tone that loose skin quickly.

Body Sculpting, Ultherapy and Thermage Treatments
Tighten, Tone, Transform and Unveil Your Ultimate Skin Rebirth

Transform your journey of change into a masterpiece of tight, toned skin with Pristine Spas' Body Sculpting and Contouring marvels! Perfect for those who've crossed the fat loss finish line and are now eyeing the prize of supple, sculpted skin, especially after pregnancy or significant weight loss. Our non-invasive treatments are not about battling fat—they're about celebrating your success by tightening and toning your skin with the latest in ultrasound and radio frequency technology. It's like giving your body a high-five with science! Embark on a transformation that doesn't just sculpt; it refines and redefines, turning your hard-won victories into visible triumphs. Let's tighten, tone, and triumph together. Your skin's rebirth starts now!

What are the PROS of body sculpting?

Non Invasive, Quick Recovery, Instant Gratification

What are the CONS of body sculpting?

If you gain weight and lose it again, you'll be starting over.

What is the difference between Radio Frequency body sculpting and cool sculpting?

Radio Frequency sculpting tightens skin after sudden weight loss. Coolsculpting is said to freeze fat cells leading to weight loss. At Pristine Spas we offer loose skin reduction.

How much does RF Body Contouring cost?

That's a bit like asking what a house costs, which house, where, how big is it. It's best to come in for a free consultation.

Are the results of Body Sculpting permanent?

After the Skin is Tight it will remain tight until you decide to make it loose again, we suggest a healthy life style for best results.