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Elevate Your Beauty Routine at our Lash and Brow Bar

Elevate your beauty routine with our exceptional Lash and Brow Bar at Pristine Spas, where our skilled professionals specialize in enhancing your eyes' natural allure. Our range of services includes expert brow shaping, tinting, and lamination, as well as luxurious lash extensions, lifts, and tints. We take pride in personalizing each treatment to your unique preferences, ensuring stunning results that beautifully frame and accentuate your eyes. At our Lash and Brow Bar, we use only high-quality, hypoallergenic products, prioritizing the safety and satisfaction of our valued clients. Transform your gaze with our exquisite lash and brow services - book your appointment at Pristine Spas today and let your eyes take center stage.

What is a lash & brow bar?

A lash and brow bar is not a bar at all; in fact, it's a line of services provided by some spas that specialize in beauty and face enhancing and flattering treatments. Some salons focus specifically on the lash and brow aspect. In contrast, some spas and salons provide the lash and brow bar experience as an additional list of services for further beauty enhancements.

At any location with a lash and brow bar, expert artists (as they are referred to) specialize in eyebrow shaping, permanent makeup, eyelash lifts, eyelash extension, and more. The “artists” use your face as a canvas to create a more beautiful look.

Who can perform lash and brow services?

Like with any service involving your beauty, the use of chemicals or adhesives on your skin, you must find a properly licensed and reputable provider to perform these services. While the laws vary from state to state, at Pristine Spas, our lash artists are licensed estheticians. We feel that training or hiring estheticians to provide this line of services is of the utmost importance. While lash and brow services aren't necessarily procedures that require deep knowledge of how the skin works, we feel that having technically trained specialists who understand a level of chemistry and biology is a much safer way to ensure our client's satisfaction and safety.

When performing lash and brow services, there are chemicals used to “perm” the eyelashes in the case of an eyelash lift or a type of tattoo gun used for permanent makeup and adhesives in the case of eyelash extensions. These procedures are being applied to your face and usually near the eyes and should be performed only by highly trained, licensed individuals who can understand which chemicals, glues, or otherwise will perform best and be the safest alternatives for specific skin and hair types.

In our opinion, clients must choose Day Spas, Medspas, or Lash and Brow spas to carry out these services. There are specific locations that claim to provide these services, such as nail salons that aren't experts in these services. Nail salons, for instance, are also less suited for these types of services due to the nature of their business. In this example, cleanliness is a question due to particulates flying around in the air from the filing of nails, etc. Also, keep in mind that these nail techs are cleaning and repairing nails and feet most of the day.

Are lash and brow bars worth it?

Let's be honest, while most of us probably aren't highly superficial, the first thing we see when we look at or meet someone for the first time is their appearance, and all that attention is projected directly at your face. The “windows” into your soul (your eyes) will always be picture perfect with lash and brow services. Lash and brow services aren't just about adding length to your eyelashes, etc. This artistry is meant to provide the proper amount of texture and contrast to make your eyes pop.

Besides the WOW aspect of lash and brow services, there are some other convenient reasons lash and brow services are entirely worth it. Imagine not having to apply eyeliner every morning or get rid of the joker face that everyone inevitably ends up with after a good cry during a sad movie, then having to spend 20 minutes in the bathroom reapplying eyeliner, just for it to be clumpy. Picture yourself having perfectly shaped eyebrows without having to carefully pluck out individual hairs before a night out, and forget about having to apply makeup to your eyelids every day, multiple times a day.

In the long run, a lash-a-brow bar will save you money, save you time, and most importantly, keep you looking your best no matter the occasion.

Are there any side effects to going to a lash and brow bar?

As with any treatments involving the skin, side effects are a possibility that cannot be avoided for some. In a lash and brow bar setting, adhesives, chemicals services are being performed around one of the most sensitive parts of your body, the eyes. Different adhesives may contain compounds that someone may unknowingly be allergic to. Some lash and brow bars use more potent chemicals to reduce the time it takes to perform the service and move on to the next client. There are risks involved with lash and brow bars, but believe it or not, the highest chances of an issue are due not to the chemicals themselves, but to the procedures and protocols that the Spa puts in place.

At Pristine Spas, we use only the highest quality and safest array of products to provide lash and brow services. We also use various product lines which our estheticians are familiar with and can apply to certain skin and hair types to reduce the likelihood of any adverse effects.

As with all of the services at Pristine Spas, our lash and brow bar and artists have strict guidelines on how to best perform the procedures with the absolute best and most up to date practices and because we are also a Medspa, cleanliness and sanitary conditions are of the utmost importance.