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About Eyebrow Tint
What Is Eyebrow Tinting?

Many people have the problem of eyebrows that are too light and thus seem to fade into their face. Well-defined eyebrows help not only to make your eyes pop but also help to enhance the overall shape and contour of your face.

So what is eyebrow tinting? Eyebrow tinting involves applying a semi-permanent dye to the eyebrows themselves and, in this way, bringing out the shape and definition of otherwise pale or fading eyebrows. The technician who does your eyebrow tinting understands precisely how and where to apply the dye to maximize the entire look of your current brows. If, for example, your eyebrows mainly consist of more delicate hairs, then eyebrow tinting will enable these otherwise fine hairs to stand out.

One of the critical effects of eyebrow tinting is to create the illusion that you have a more extended eyebrow and a fuller one than you do. The shape is also affected when you get eyebrow tinting. This gives you a chance to create a more appealing eyebrow shape.

Keep in mind that most spas will use a dye mixture composed of organic ingredients or henna. This then is mixed to match the actual shade of your eyebrows. It’s not about making brows darker than their natural shade but bringing out the natural color of your eyebrows even more.

How Long Does Eyebrow Tinting Take?

Usually, a typical eyebrow tinting session can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. Before the actual tinting process, you will first discuss the options with your practitioner. You want to be sure and carefully detail your expectations and desired results. What look are you after as a result of eyebrow tinting?

The tech will then prep the area to be treated. They will first thoroughly cleanse the brow region of the face. Usually, they will apply a layer of petroleum jelly as well. This can help prevent staining of the skin beyond the eyebrows. The tech will spread the stain on the targeted area upon mixing up the dye to match your existing brow color. They will usually leave the pigment in place for several minutes—this is all it takes for the dye to take effect. It can sometimes happen that the skin beneath the brow is slightly dyed as well—this is relatively common. As with what can happen when you get your hair dyed, this staining will wash away after a day or two.

Who Is Eyebrow Tinting For?

The great thing about eyebrow tinting is that virtually anyone can have it done. It is excellent for all skin types and skin tones. The one thing to remember, though, is that this can be a bit more complex if you are trying to dye gray eyebrow hairs. Gray hair doesn’t necessarily absorb the dye as well. This is why it is vital to work with someone who has experience in eyebrow tinting.

When Do You See Results?

First off, after having your eyebrows tinted, you need to avoid getting that area wet for at least twelve hours. If you want to clean around the site, be sure to use gel cleaners recommended by your practitioner.

You will notice the results right away as the dye will make the eyebrows stand out. They will stand out more so than you likely thought. The paint will fade to a more natural look within a day or two.

The good thing about eyebrow tint versus drawing in your eyebrows or other such means of trying to make them stand out is that the tinting will last between four and six weeks. As far as getting eyebrow touch ups, most experts recommend that you come in around every 5-6 weeks for touch ups and thus prolong the optimal look of your brows.

Another thing to remember is that after you have eyebrow tinting done, you want to avoid using harsh exfoliants or cleansers in that area. These types of cleaning products can hasten the fading process and thereby cause your eyebrows not to last as long as they otherwise would. Some say that you should use a gel or some form of oil, for example, castor oil, to help protect the eyebrow and, in this way, make the effects last longer. And you always want to be sure and use sunscreen as the sun’s rays can cause the tint to fade.

Is Eyebrow Dye Safe?

Notably, as this will be used very near the eye area, many do have some concerns regarding the safety of the dye. While the pigment itself is considered highly safe, you want to ensure that a trained technician applies it. The biggest concern with this type of dye is that the person could potentially have an allergic reaction. Many techs will first do a test patch. This process is likely not recommended for you if any reaction to the skin test is noted.

What are the Benefits of Eyebrow Tinting?

So why get eyebrow tinting done? What are the benefits of this treatment?

  • Lusher, fuller-looking eyebrows—so if you have pale or delicate eyebrows, this is the treatment for you!
  • Can help reshape your brow line.
  • Creates a more prolonged eyebrow effect. If your eyebrows are otherwise short, this is an excellent option to create a different effect.
  • Volumizes eyebrow hairs that are very fine.
  • Prevents you from having to draw on eyebrows every single morning.
  • Instills greater confidence as you face the world looking the way you feel.

For those considering eyebrow tinting, the key is to do your homework and find a spa specializing in this process. You want to ensure their practitioners are trained and understand how to create optimal effects. Don’t be afraid to address any questions and concerns that you may have with the tech before the process.