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Eyelash Lift Service - Transform Your Natural Lashes

Transform your natural lashes with our Eyelash Lift service at Pristine Spas, a gentle and effective treatment designed to elevate your eyes' natural beauty. Our skilled professionals use a safe, innovative technique to lift and curl your lashes from the base, creating a stunning, wide-eyed appearance that lasts for weeks. The Eyelash Lift is an excellent alternative to extensions, offering a low-maintenance solution for those seeking a more natural yet captivating look. We use high-quality, hypoallergenic products to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of our valued clients. Enhance your gaze with the effortless allure of an Eyelash Lift - book your appointment at Pristine Spas today and experience the mesmerizing power of beautifully lifted lashes.

What is a lash lift?

There are a number of things you can do to your lashes to help them look thicker and more lustrous. There are eyelash extensions, there are eyelash tints, and there are also lash lifts. What is an eyelash lift? Simply put, a lash lift is a type of perm for your eyelashes. At least, that is one way to look at it. A lash lift is designed to change the overall shape of your eyelashes and, in this way, make them stand out more. The lift makes it appear as though the eyelashes are growing upward, and thereby, it helps to create a more appealing look.

The lashes are rolled upward during a lash lift, and then they are set in this position using a chemical similar to what you’d get during a perm for your hair. It is a boosting process that lifts every lash into place. This makes the lashes look thicker and longer, and of course, more glamorous.

What is the process for lash lifting?

First off, you will want to research a spa that specializes in this type of lash treatment. Given that the eyes are a rather sensitive area and considering the chemicals involved with a lash lift, you want a lash artist working in this area who knows precisely what they’re doing. You want a practitioner who knows how to create a fantastic lash look.

When you first arrive for your appointment, you will be shown into a room where you will be asked to lie down on a table to prepare for your eyelash lift. While most people wouldn’t call this process painful, some might say that there is a bit of discomfort at times during the treatment. There could be some tearing up, but this does not affect the quality of the lash lift.

Generally speaking, an eyelash lift will have three components: first, specialized silicone pads are placed atop your eyelids. At this point, the practitioner will lift the lashes and apply the serum that will help keep them in place. As they do this, they will mold the lashes onto the shield covering your eyes. Depending on where you have your lash lift performed, the technician might apply a serum to the lashes to better condition them. A tint will usually be applied toward the conclusion of the treatment, which helps to darken your lashes and make them look even more stunning. In the end, you are left with solid and gorgeous lashes that appear much thicker and fuller, not to mention longer than before.

Is an eyelash lift dangerous for your lashes?

This is a commonly asked question, given that there are chemicals involved with a lash lift; people are therefore nervous about any potential damage from the products used. Receiving a lash lift does not damage your lashes. In fact, because of the serum and conditioning involved, it could serve to strengthen your lashes. Some experts suggest that you keep your lashes hydrated following your lash lift with a product such as coconut oil, for example—though other types of oils and serums could be used as well.

How long will the eyelash lift last?

The good news is that a lash lift—versus using mascara and various at-home products—will last up to eight weeks, at which point you will likely want to get it done again to ensure the long, lustrous look remains. Keep in mind. Everyone is different from everyone else's eyelashes, which means some results could last longer and some may not last quite as long.

How to maintain my lashes after a lash lift?

The key is to listen to the advice and directions given by your eyelash technician. The first couple of days following a lash lift, you want to follow directions closely. During these first 48 hours, it is essential to avoid wetting the lashes. Also, do not use mascara during this timeframe. Additionally, it is recommended that you avoid exercise or essentially anything that would make you sweat heavily.

Beyond that initial two-day period, you still want to be mindful of your eyelash care. Some recommend brushing your lashes out and then applying a serum to help hydrate and strengthen the lashes. Again, some might use something simple like coconut oil to maintain eyelash health following a lift.

Can you use mascara?

The short answer is, yes, you can continue to use mascara even after getting an eyelash lift. The important thing, however, is that you avoid waterproof mascaras. This is because, with waterproof mascaras, the lashes can become dehydrated. And dehydration will lead to the lashes breaking. The more extended, fuller look you’re after will be more challenging to achieve.

Are eyelash lifts safe?

Most will be quick to tell you that eyelash lifts are completely safe—which is why so many salons and spas perform this type of treatment. There can be some risks associated, predominantly for those allergic to certain dyes and adhesive products of this nature.

Also, it is essential to work with someone who has experience lifting lashes. If, for example, the chemical is left on for too long, this can have the opposite effect of what you’re after, causing lashes to break. Be sure to read the reviews before choosing a spa to get this treatment done. People’s experiences can reveal a great deal about a salon or spa treatment quality.

For those who want more prolonged, more lustrous eyelashes, lash lifting could be the ideal way to achieve the effect you’re after. The process itself is painless, and the results are long-lasting. And the best part is, lash lifts are completely safe.