Biofreeze Therapy Massage

Experience fast-acting relief from aches and pains with our Biofreeze Massage.

Biofreeze Therapy Massage
Experience Rapid Relief with Biofreeze Massage at Pristine Spas

The Biofreeze Massage at Pristine Spas combines the therapeutic benefits of massage with the power of Biofreeze. This topical analgesic interrupts pain signals sent to the brain through a method known as "Gate Control," offering immediate relief from discomfort. This massage can alleviate pain from arthritis, backache, strains, sprains, or other common conditions.

What are the Pros of the Biofreeze Massage?

The Biofreeze Massage provides immediate relief from various types of pain, including muscle, joint, and back pain. It's an excellent option for those seeking fast-acting relief from discomfort.

What are the cons of the Biofreeze Massage?

Some people may experience a cooling sensation that could be intense or uncomfortable. As with any massage, individuals with certain health conditions should consult with their healthcare provider before scheduling a Biofreeze Massage.

What is the difference between the Biofreeze Massage and other massages?

The Biofreeze Massage incorporates the use of Biofreeze, a topical analgesic, to provide immediate and effective pain relief, making it different from other traditional massage therapies.

How much does the Biofreeze Massage cost?

The cost of a Biofreeze Massage can vary. Please contact us directly for a specific quote.

Are there any side effects related to the Biofreeze Massage?

Possible side effects are minor and temporary, including a cooling sensation at the application site. Biofreeze should not be applied to broken or irritated skin.

How does Biofreeze work to relieve pain?

Biofreeze works using a method known as 'Gate Control.' It interrupts the pain signals sent to the brain, offering immediate relief from discomfort.