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Relieve pain and soothe sore muscles with the cooling touch of Pristine Spas' Biofreeze massage services. Our skilled therapists use Biofreeze, a topical analgesic gel, to provide targeted pain relief and enhance the therapeutic benefits of your massage. Whether you're an athlete recovering from an injury or someone suffering from chronic pain, our Biofreeze massage services are designed to provide immediate and long-lasting relief. At Pristine Spas, we're committed to providing a nurturing and welcoming environment that will help you find the relaxation and rejuvenation you deserve. Come experience the healing benefits of our Biofreeze massage services and discover why Pristine Spas is the premier destination for those seeking pure relaxation, bliss, and pain relief.

What is Muscle Soothing/BioFreeze Therapy?

Muscle soothing massage therapy seems to be all the rage these days. Suppose you do get an all-over muscle massage using BioFreeze. In that case, you will discover that the purpose of this particular massage treatment is twofold: relaxation and pain/stiffness reduction within the muscles. Many clients swear by the benefits of how effective a muscle-soothing/BioFreeze massage is. The first question many people do ask is what exactly BioFreeze is?

BioFreeze is a topical product that essentially uses a cooling sensation inherent in menthol to alleviate joint and muscle pain. While products of this nature can be purchased over the counter, getting a BioFreeze based massage in a spa truly takes this experience to a whole other level. And it is not only used in massage therapy. Many chiropractors, for instance, will also utilize BioFreeze products in conjunction with different types of treatments. Physical therapists and even podiatrists also use BioFreeze during a session/appointment.

How Does BioFreeze Work?

When getting a muscle-soothing massage with BioFreeze, the effects are tremendously beneficial. During your treatment, the BioFreeze will be applied topically. The molecules will then bind with temperature receptors on the skin’s surface. The receptors are then activated, and in turn, they will consequently modulate pain signals throughout the treated area. This causes almost immediate pain relief. Many athletes, for example, will have BioFreeze treatments done as they frequently tend to suffer from sore and stiff muscles.

You might think of BioFreeze as working somewhat as a typical cold/ice treatment might. However, with BioFreeze, you get a deeper, more focused penetration as far as the treated areas are concerned. The active ingredients in BioFreeze help the brain to override the pain sensation that a muscle/joint might otherwise be experiencing.

Is Muscle Soothing/ BioFreeze Massage Right For You?

Many people who go to a spa looking for pain reduction and soothing muscle options might wonder if BioFreeze treatment is the right one for them. After all, it is a relatively new process and isn’t as much a part of the spa massage culture as, say, Swedish or Deep Tissue massage. However, several studies have shown the effectiveness of BioFreeze in conjunction with a soothing muscle massage. Especially in instances where specific muscle groups are overworked or someone is experiencing chronic pain in a particular area, targeted BioFreeze therapy may be more effective than other massage types.

You might want to talk to your physician before getting a BioFreeze treatment if you are in any way uncertain about whether or not this is right for you. Also, keep in mind that before a Muscle Soothing/BioFreeze massage, you will have a chance to consult with the massage therapist. This is when you will bring up any concerns and issues you might be experiencing that could consequently impact treatment of this nature.

Benefits of BioFreeze Therapy

So what are the benefit so this kind of massage therapy beyond relief from pain and soreness in joints and muscles? Among some of the more noted positive effects that a Muscle Soothing treatment has are:

  • Cooling sensation that adds another level of comfort to a massage experience
  • Can help to lift your mood and reduce stress and anxiety
  • Eases overall tension in the muscles, which can build up over time, leading to more muscular severe issues
  • Helps people experiencing chronic pain from several conditions such as fibromyalgia for example
  • Noninvasive spa treatment that, when done regularly, can help heal muscle damage
  • Great for athletes who tend to overwork certain muscle groups
  • Can help with headaches and migraines depending on the targeted areas during the massage therapy
  • May help with sinus pain and pressure
  • Frequently used in hand and foot massage applications to ease the pain of overworked tendons and joints
Are there risks associated with BioFreeze Massage Therapy?

Numerous people tend to ask about any known risks associated with BioFreeze treatments. As with any spa massage, BioFreeze massages are associated with minimal (if any) risks. That said, if you do have underlying health conditions, are pregnant, or have recently had surgery and some form of trauma, you might want to seek advice from a doctor before booking a BioFreeze session. Among some of the risks/precautions associated with BioFreeze treatments are:

  • If you have open wounds, you may want to opt for a different treatment
  • Women who are pregnant should consult with a physician first
  • If you have a chronic condition and have any concerns, first consult with your doctor before any massage treatment
  • If the cooling effect feels too intense, let your therapist know immediately so adjustments can be made
What should I Expect During Your Massage Therapy Session?

Regardless of what kind of massage you get, whether a BioFreeze treatment, Swedish massage, or hot stone massage, some specific steps and protocols are expected for just about every massage therapy session.

You will first, as mentioned, consult with the therapist. At this time, be sure to address all concerns and ask any questions you might have. The more transparent you are in your dialogue, the better the experience will be.

The therapist will leave you alone in a private room to disrobe. There will generally be a sheet used to cover the parts of your body that are not being treated during the BioFreeze session. Sometimes there may be soft music and aromatherapy to accompany the massage. This only serves to enhance your appointment and further relax you.

Whether or not you opt to try a Muscle Soothing/BioFreeze treatment is entirely up to you. The key is to ensure you are working with a skilled massage therapist who understands how the treatment process works and subsequently has experience using BioFreeze during a muscle massage. Again, talking to your massage therapist and asking any questions beforehand can certainly help put any concerns you might have at ease.