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Experience the ultimate relaxation with the gentle and soothing touch of Pristine Spas' Swedish massage services. Our skilled therapists use long, flowing strokes and light to medium pressure to ease muscle tension and promote overall well-being. With a focus on relaxation and rejuvenation, our Swedish massages are the perfect way to escape the stresses of daily life and indulge in a luxurious spa experience. At Pristine Spas, we pride ourselves on creating a serene and welcoming environment that will leave you feeling pampered and refreshed. Treat yourself to the ultimate Swedish massage experience and discover why Pristine Spas is the premier destination for those seeking pure relaxation and bliss.

What is Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic Massage Therapy is a type of massage designed to help treat musculoskeletal pain and focus on soft tissue areas. The therapist will help the client restore regular use of an area that might otherwise be stiff, sore, or in some way compromised, thus leading to limited movement. Often, if a person is afflicted with pain or stiffness, it is recommended to have regular massage treatments. This can improve circulation overall and promote lymphatic health, among many other benefits of therapeutic massage.

The key with therapeutic massage therapy is for the therapist to understand exactly what issues are bothering the client and to address them during the massage. Depending on the affliction, the massage itself can be geared toward soothing, or it can also be designed to stimulate the area in question. How the massage therapist performs the massage will determine what type of overall massage the client receives. So, for example, the depth of the technique and the speed of the strokes used will determine how the massage feels.

Beyond helping with muscle pain and injury, therapeutic massage is also an excellent way to relieve stress. Given the hectic and fast-paced lives many of us lead today, therapeutic massage has been known to improve quality of life by allowing them to take some time to relax and de-stress.

What are the benefits of Therapeutic Massage

There are numerous benefits to therapeutic massage therapy beyond those already mentioned. Evidence of just how beneficial massage is for the body and mind can be seen in the number of companies worldwide promoting massage treatments for their employees. Some of the benefits that are worth noting include:

  • Overall health maintenance

    This encompasses numerous facets of one’s life—from general lifestyle health to emotional and mental health, to, of course, physical health.

  • Stress management

    As earlier noted, stress is so prevalent in today’s society and can be harmful to the body in several ways. Therapeutic massage is a great way to help combat the effects of stress.

  • Post-operative care

    For many people who experience pain and soreness due to an operation, undergoing therapeutic massage is an excellent way to mitigate the pain. Consult with a physician regarding any post-operative care.

  • Emotional disorders

    One thing to note about therapeutic massage is that during treatment, endorphins are released. This release of endorphins will have a tremendous impact on reducing depression and anxiety.

  • Chronic illness

    Particularly if the illness involves long-term bed rest, therapeutic massage can provide much-needed relief from the discomfort of the situation. Not to mention, again, there is the emotional benefit that massage can offer.

  • Sports-related reasons

    Whether a person is injured as a result of sports or needs relief following an intensive athletic event, therapeutic massage can help with aches, pains, stiffness, and other types of athletic issues that can arise.

Are there different Types of Therapeutic Massage?

Under the umbrella term therapeutic massage, there are a few different massage types and styles. Read any health magazine or medical journal, and you will find different massage types discussed regarding a variety of ailments and potential therapeutic courses of treatment. Some of the more commonly known kinds of therapeutic massage are Deep Tissue Massage, Sports massage, Rehabilitation massage, and Anti-Stress massage, among others.

Finding the Best Massage Therapist for You

The key to finding the ideal therapeutic massage therapist is to ask questions. When you visit a medical spa/day spa, be sure you let them know exactly what your concerns are, what areas are problematic and what areas require additional attention. Also, make sure that the therapist is licensed and certified.

What is the procedure for Therapeutic Massage?

Many people have a question before going to their first therapeutic massage appointment: What exactly happens during the massage treatment? Below is a brief breakdown of what occurs during a therapeutic massage session.

First off, you will be sent to a private room. Privacy is critical for any massage treatment. The massage therapist will consult with you regarding the course of treatment and your specific needs regarding areas that may be painful and require attention. With therapeutic massages, the therapist needs to understand the patient’s medical issues, any history of illnesses, and therefore any precautions that may need to be taken.

Additionally, depending on your condition, a doctor’s authorization may be required before you can receive massage treatment. It is always best to consult a physician if you have medical/health-related conditions that require extra precautions. Everything discussed during your treatment will remain confidential. Depending on the type of message being received, the client will undress and lie on the massage table. Sheets are used to cover the body parts that are not being massaged. The massage therapist will incorporate essential oils into the treatment; these oils are usually warmed as is the massage table. The oils add an extra soothing aspect to the therapeutic massage.

The therapist will then begin to work on the body areas discussed during the consultation. The process is rhythmic and methodical. Gentle strokes are used so as not to cause any discomfort or pain. If you feel discomfort at any point during the massage, you must let the therapist know immediately.

After the treatment is complete and you have gotten dressed, you will usually be given water to help hydrate yourself. It is recommended that after any massage, clients drink plenty of water. Usually, therapeutic massage takes more than one session to see a notable improvement in the afflicted area. This too is something you may want to discuss with your doctor.

Therapeutic massage, just as any massage, is all about healing through touch. Massage has been around for centuries, and when done well, it really can have a significant impact on both the body and the mind.