Experience the ultimate skin renewal with our Dermaolaning treatment.

Unveil Smoother, Brighter Skin with Dermaplaning at Pristine Spas

Dermaplaning at Pristine Spas is a non-invasive treatment that involves gently scraping the surface of your skin with a surgical scalpel. This process removes the top layer of dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz), reducing the appearance of fine lines, evening skin tone, and leaving your skin incredibly smooth and radiant.

What are the Pros of Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning provides instant results, leaving your skin smoother and brighter. It can enhance the effectiveness of skincare products by promoting deeper penetration and also creates a flawless canvas for makeup application.

What are the cons of Dermaplaning?

The main disadvantage is that the results are temporary. The procedure removes vellus hair and dead skin cells, which naturally regenerate over time. Regular treatments are necessary to maintain the results.

What is the difference between Dermaplaning and other exfoliating treatments?

Unlike other exfoliating treatments, Dermaplaning removes vellus hair (peach fuzz) and dead skin cells. This results in an exceptionally smooth skin surface.

How much does Dermaplaning cost?

The cost of Dermaplaning typically ranges from150 per session, but prices can vary. Please contact us directly for a specific quote.

Are there any side effects related to Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is generally a low-risk procedure. Some people might experience redness or feel like their skin is scraping for a few hours after the treatment, but these effects typically subside quickly.

Will my hair grow back thicker after Dermaplaning?

No, Dermaplaning will not cause your hair to grow back thicker or darker. The texture and growth rate of your hair will remain the same.